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Ecowarmth: The specialists in German Electric Heating Systems.

Electric Radiators and Low Wattage Infrared Panels

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Over the years, our name has come to represent service and quality in heating technology. To keep pace with constant changes in technical requirements, we are constantly expanding our range of services.

We work with you on the planning, installing and upgrading of your heating systems. Providing a friendly, reliable, professional service.

Independent tests confirm low energy use of radiators

Independent Tests by a UKAS accredited laboratory, confirm that Ecowarmth Electric Radiators need on average only 14 minutes of electricity per hour to provide a full 60 minutes of required warmth!* Which is amongst the lowest running costs in the UK for radiators of this type 


Based on a Standard Tariff (EDF 07.02.12) of 14.05p/KwH (incl. VAT), a typical lounge (20m2) with average insulation would need 2.00Kw and would cost only 6.60p per hour to run.


*When measured over a 24 hour period - see downloads for summary of report


Intelligent Electrical Heating…… It’s all a matter of intelligent control.

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Why is a survey necessary?
The survey is necessary because a number of aspects play an important role in determining the exact heating requirementfor each room of each property. These include:
• Room sizes including height *

• Type of construction

• Insulation levels of walls, windows and loft

• No of outside walls

• Amount of glazed area

• Facing Direction (N, E, S, or W)

• What part of the country the property is located

• Whether exposed or sheltered.

* (where ceilings are sloped enter average mid height)

Ecowarmth calculates the heating requirement using a formula containing the Room Volume, the Heat Loss Factors and the maximum Temperature Difference for the area your property is located in.
Please fill out the Survey Form as completely as possible adding extra information where necessary so that we may provide you quickly with an accurate and detailed price quote.

Can you trust the so-called experts?

Many so-called experts claim that it does not matter what type of electric heating you use to heat a room as they are all 100% efficient! That is confusing for many people and so Michael Skinley owner of Ecowarmth uses the following simple example, when giving talks to experts.

We are all agreed that a typical British Lounge of 50 m3 volume (approx: 18ft x 12 ft x 8ft 2ins) with average insualtion and located in the Southern half of the UK has a heating requirement of between 2.20 Kw and 2.50 Kw depending on how exposed or sheltered that property is.


I then show them the following two objects (each with 2.50 Kw power rating and ask them how many would use either of them to heat their lounge. No hands go up!

This is a typical high powered Salon hairdryer with 2.50 Kw. It certainly gives out a lot of hot air, but that would rise swiftly to the ceiling....where nobody sits! It would take a very long time to produce enough hot air to heat all of the space in the room and the room would soon feel cold when the convected hot air is switch off.

A typical household iron has on average 2.50 Kw and certainly gives out a lot of very hot radiant heat because it is concentrated on a very small surface area. It is far too hot to touch and would certainly take a very long while to heat up that sample lounge.

Then I show the "experts" the following picture and ask how many of them would use such a radiator with 2.50 Kw to heat up that typical lounge.

All the hands of the so called "experts" shoot up as they suddenly realise that it is all about EFFECTIVITY of heating and NOT the Efficiency of turning electricity into heat.

After the talk most of the audience then come up to me saying they really understood the benefits of our type of electric heating and felt embarrassed that they were so "blinkered" before hand.


That's "experts" for you!