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Michael Skinley

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Ecowarmth is a family run business based previously in Plymouth and previously run by two brothers, Michael and Peter Skinley since 2005.


Due to ongoing serious health issues of Michael Skinley, Ecowarmth Ltd has ceased trading but the Ecowarmth Brand lives on as new a division of Laidlaw Heating based in Leeds. Michael Skinley is still very much involved on the Customer Sales and Service side of the business as well as being the Technical Expert of the new set -up.


Michael Skinley lived in Germany for over 30 years and on returning to the UK in 2003, he was surprised to discover that in many rural areas of SW England, many homeowners still relied on inefficient night storage heating systems, especially in areas where no mains gas was available. Michael decided to help remedy this situation by introducing a more advanced concept of German electric radiators (available in Germany since 1973) into the UK.


Ecowarmth has led the way, and whilst there are now many suppliers of this type of German electric heating in the UK, Ecowarmth has stayed out in front with its innovative and exclusive Intelligent Thermostat with Power Management Control, its professional yet friendly service and its fair pricing.


The many happy Ecowarmth customers not only have a great new heating system, but also confirm time and time again that all Ecowarmth staff ar passionate about customer service! Our customer testimonials and the customer review (below and Download No. 12) are proof of that.


We treat each customer’s heating needs individually so as to provide the most professional and caring service and to offer the best package of German electric heating to suit YOUR requirements.  

Customer Review

Review - German Electric Radiant Heating with Ecowarmth

J. Littlejohn


I have to admit I was a little wary when I first came across this form of central heating, but I am so glad I finally relented!


I live in a small 1950’s bungalow on an exposed north facing slope. I had storage heaters and a small wood stove in my home but the storage heaters were useless and expensive. I just could not get warm if I moved away from the stove in the living room: and for me, cold means pain.


I am a retired classical ballet dancer and choreographer, with all the usual arthritis, plus a heavy dose of fibromyalgia thrown in for good measure. Heat for me means mobility and less pain. I was offered a chance to talk with some of the good fellows from Ecowarmth about the possibility of re fitting my home with their new German Radiant Heaters. Hmm, I was not really convinced but I agreed to listen. I am so glad I did.


Now, two years on, I am warm in winter. It is that simple. The fitting was straight forward with no complex piping as each unit is individual. They are easy to operate, and being a typicalYorkshirewoman, I ignored the instructions and played around with them to see how they worked best for me: and this is one of the joys of the system; each heater can be operated individually so I can control the temperatures in each space easily and quickly. They are quick to warm up and simple to operate.


I was advised at first that I would probably have a larger than usual electric bill for the first quarter as my house was terribly damp and cold: the heaters needed to dry the house out and get the warmth deep into the fabric of the house. After that, the units would simply keep the temperature topped up. I appreciated their honesty and straight forwardness which is a rare quality in business these days. Sure enough, my bills began to drop as the house warmed up. If I lit the wood stove the heaters in the hall would adjust themselves accordingly as they each have their own thermostat.


I don’t worry about winter now. I don’t worry about months of pain from the damp and cold and I don’t worry about huge bills that I cannot afford. The wood stove gives me the direct heat that we all love in winter when we are sat reading or watching TV. And the heaters keep the rest of the house comfortable and dry.


Ecowarmth: you’re awesome!


Josephine Littlejohn