Electric Radiator information downloads

1. CO2 comparisons with Night Storage Heating
CO2 Emissions Comparison with Night Stor[...]
Microsoft Word document [90.0 KB]
2. Comparison of running costs with Night Storage heating
Comparison of running costs 07.11.12.doc
Microsoft Word document [111.5 KB]
3. Ecowarmth FAQs
Ecowarmth FAQs v2. 12.09.12.doc
Microsoft Word document [169.0 KB]
4. Radiator Guarantee Certificate
Guarantee Certificate Radiators v 01.04.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [170.3 KB]
5. Guarantee Certificate IR Panels
Guarantee Certificate IR Panels v 01.04.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [166.8 KB]
6. Info and Tips on right use of radiators
Info and Tips for use of radiators 01.10[...]
Microsoft Word document [110.5 KB]
7. Installation instructions
Installation Instructions 02.11.12.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [67.9 KB]
8. RAL colour chart
RAL colour chart 11.11.09.doc
Microsoft Word document [229.5 KB]
9. Independent Test Summary
Advantica Test Report Summary v 02.11.12[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [330.5 KB]
10. Customer Own Survey Form
Customer self survey form v 23.07.12.xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [109.0 KB]
11. Independent Tests - Full Report
Ecowarmth Advantica Full Test Report 21.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]
12. Ecowarmth Customer Review
Review JL ecowarmth radiators Sept 2012.[...]
Microsoft Word document [25.5 KB]