Frequently asked questions

1. What is the difference between the Ecowarmth heating system and other types of electrical heating?

Most other electrical heating systems, including night storage heating, use mainly heated convected air to warm a room. This is generally inefficient, unhealthy (especially for allergy sufferers) and expensive. The heat generated rises quickly to the ceiling leaving cold floors, just where people need the heat. Ecowarmth radiators copy the sun and use radiant heat which is healthy, very efficient and very economical. Remember in winter when the sun is shining and the air temperature is near freezing, your skin soon warms up when exposed to the radiant heat of the sun. In the Alps skiers actually sunbathe without problems even though the air temperatures are low! The radiant heat of our heating system also warms up the walls and the furniture of your home too and so only occasional top-up heat is required. Remember a stone or rock, warmed by the sun will warm up more intensely and quickly than one heated by warm air alone. 


2. Why are Ecowarmth radiators so efficient?

The unique Chamotte fire-clay energy cells with the embedded heating elements inside all Ecowarmth radiators work together with a finely tuned intelligent thermostat, all controlled by a unique “Power Management System”, to provide fast, healthy radiant heat to warm up the room to the desired comfort level. 100% of electricity input is turned into heat and once the fire-clay has absorbed as much heat as possible, excess heat is put out into the room to heat the room up to the desired temperature. After that, only the top-up heat is generated and radiated out. So on average, you will only need approximately 14 minutes of electricity consumption for 60 minutes of warmth. Our free demonstration (available only in SW England at present), will convince you very quickly just how efficient Ecowarmth radiators are. Recent independent tests confirm the economy of Ecowarmth radiators. See the summary report of the tests on the download page.


The Ecowarmth “Intelligent Thermostat” has been especially developed and manufactured in Cornwall by Teddington Electronics for us and is exclusive to Ecowarmth (SW) Ltd. 

 3. Do or can Ecowarmth radiators use Economy 7 tariff electricity?

We recommend that you change to a 24 hour tariff, whether this is a Standard tariff, Economy 10 or one of many other standard tariffs now available. Choose one to suit your lifestyle. Whilst Economy 7 tariff is cheaper at night that is just when you do not generally need much heat. The peak tariff with Economy 7 is always 2 – 3 pence per KWH more expensive than a Standard tariff.


4. Do I need to switch off the Ecowarmth radiators at night?

No. With the Ecowarmth heating system, the thermostatic control allows you to turn the heat down to a comfortable level of background heat.The heating “top-up” process used by Ecowarmth radiators means that very little electricity will be used at night. When you awake, the room is not cold and if you require more heat then by turning the control knob up a little, the room will soon be as warm and cosy as you require. Heating a room up from a temperature of say 15°C to 20°C requires much less energy than heating up from cold. This applies equally if you have say a second home not always in use. We can also of course supply Wireless Thermostats with programmable timers for the highest level of comfortable control. These cost a little extra than the standard integrated thermostats.


5. Can I use existing night storage cabling for my Ecowarmth radiators?

If you are changing over fully from night storage heating to Ecowarmth radiators, then it can make sense to use the existing cabling. Your electrician will need to provide sockets for the Ecowarmth radiators (although Ecowarmth radiators can also be hard wired by our installer) and he/she also needs to make some minor corrections in the meter box.

6. What sizes do Ecowarmth radiators come in?

Ecowarmth radiators come in many different lengths, heights and power ratings to suit all heating requirements. Check the electric radiators page on the website for more details. 

7. Why do some Ecowarmth radiators with the same power ratings (e.g. 2.0Kw and 2.5Kw) come in different sizes?

The wider the radiator the more surface area is available and an even better distribution of radiant heat is possible. This means that the wider radiators are even more economical as regards running costs. Unfortunately some houses do not have the wall space to take the larger radiators and so a smaller sized radiator be fitted without sacrificing on the actual power output which is required.

8. How do I control my Ecowarmth radiators?

Each Ecowarmth radiator is fitted with a sensitive Intelligent Thermostat control made up of a control knob at the top of the side panel and a finely tuned feeler or sensor which slightly protrudes from the base of the control panel. The sensor continually measures the air temperature at floor level (where it is always coldest) and sends signals to the thermostat’s Power Management System to increase or decrease the heat, according to the setting of the control knob. This permits YOU to be in control of the level of warmth YOU feel is most comfortable for YOU! We also supply state of the art wireless programmable thermostats and timers.

9. How expensive are Ecowarmth radiators?

It all depends on which size and power of radiator you require. Ecowarmth radiators cover a wide power spectrum from 0.5 Kw output to 2.5Kw output. Small radiators cost less than large than large ones and a whole set for a house (6–7 radiators) costs on average between £4,300 - £5,200.(incl. VAT, Delivery and Installation). We also do package prices for example from £2,300 for 3 radiators and from £3,590 for 5 radiators for a typical modern house. The investment cost is comparable and usually cheaper than a normal central heating system using Gas or Oil. With Ecowarmth there are no maintenance and service contracts required, no repairs and no redecorating to worry about. So comparing “whole life costs” of: Capital Investment + Maintenance Costs + Running Costs, then Ecowarmth works out as one of the least expensive systems and has the least amount of trauma and/or mess with the installation. Remember, when comparing costs with other systems make sure you always take into account all future costs. Running costs for gas and oil have increased a lot more than costs for electricity and are likely to continue to do so in the future. 

10. How long does it take to install the Ecowarmth heating system?#

On average it takes about 30 minutes to completely unpack and install an Ecowarmth radiator to the wall and to plug it in to an existing socket. So installation is a very simple fast and clean job and with the least amount of inconvenience to you and also with no mess to worry about. 

11. Are Ecowarmth radiators guaranteed against defects?

Of course! All Ecowarmth radiators are supplied with a 10 year manufacturer backed guarantee of quality. The thermostats and powder coating are covered by a manufacturer’s two year guarantee. Provided you have not misused the Ecowarmth radiator, then we will replace the defective radiator within the guarantee period with a new one, without cost to you. The Ecowarmth guarantee is also transferable to new owners should you wish to sell your property within the guarantee period.

12. How are Ecowarmth radiators fixed to the wall?

The Ecowarmth radiators have a simple but effective fixing system which can be used on most walls including even plasterboard! Only with cob walls or similar, do we recommend to use castors or special support feet. See the electric radiator page on the website for details of the fixing system and the range of accessories.

13. Can I install the Ecowarmth radiators myself?

Yes, except for where hard wiring of radiators is required in bathrooms and Guest WCs. Under current Building Regulations Part P, you will need a registered electrician to carry out such work. If you aresimply fitting your Ecowarmth radiators to the wall (or on castors or feet) and plan to plug into a standard 230V 13 Amp socket, then you can now install Ecowarmth radiators yourself. Should you require a registered electrician in your area then contact us and we will organise the contact for you.

14. What is the delivery time for Ecowarmth radiators?

We usually aim to deliver and install your Ecowarmth radiators within 4-5 weeks of confirmation of your order and receipt of your deposit. We are often able to deliver sooner. We are able to deliver direct to you, should you wish to install yourself or have your own electrician or builder to do this work. Should you require delivery much later, then that is no problem, as once you have paid a holding deposit, you automatically receive price protection on your order for up to 6 months! Due to the increasing demands for steel in China and India, the price of steel is continually rising, so get your price protection by placing your order with a holding deposit as ASAP.

15. What safety features do Ecowarmth radiators have?

All Ecowarmth radiators conform to rigid safety regulations in the manner of manufacture as well as usage as prescribed by the German authorities. All Ecowarmth radiators have VDE (Association of German Electrical & Electronic Engineers), GS (Proven Safety) and CE (Certificate of Electrical Suitability) certification. Each internal energy cell is linked with wiring containing sensors, which automatically switch the radiator (or that section) off should the radiator suddenly start to overheat, if for example some clothing has covered a section of the radiator.

16. How long have Ecowarmth radiators been available?

This type of electric radiator was first introduced to the German market in 1973. Since then many hundreds of thousands of these radiators have been successfully installed all over Europe. So the Ecowarmth radiator is a well tried and tested product. Ecowarmth is proud to announce a massive increase in the intelligence of its electrical radiators, with the addition in 2006 of a specially developed “Intelligent Thermostat” with an integrated and unique “Power Management System”, exclusive to Ecowarmth (SW) Ltd, which is designed to cope with the fluctuations in the electricity supply within the UK and give you even more economical running costs. A case of “German Technology – Fine Tuned by Cornish Engineering” or “Radiators with Brains” Ecowarmth offers heating, which is more sensitive, more controllable, more affordable, just plain brainier than anything else available.

17. How can I be convinced myself that the Ecowarmth system really works?

Simple, just read the many testimonials on our website as well as the Customer Review. If you still need a demonstration or survey visit then please contact us via 0800 027 3799 or email: (Home Visits only available at present in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset). We can also supply contact details to some happy customers for you to call. 

18. Is the best location for an Ecowarmth radiator under a window?

Whilst in the past windows were usually areas where the most cold came into a room due to single glazing and draughty framework it is no longer necessary in these days of excellent double glazing. Furthermore it does not make sense to locate an Ecowarmth radiator there if you have curtains which then block the heat from being radiated into the room. Our trained consultants will advise the best positioning for your chosen radiator for each room. Remember, cold air sinks to the floor and will eventually be sucked into the ribbed front and back of the Ecowarmth radiator to get warmed up. The thermostat feeler/sensor is located at floor level and measures the air temperature there, so the radiator automatically will adjust to the situation. Just the same if in winter the sun shines into the room, the thermostat shuts the Ecowarmth radiator off until more heat is required. Compare this to night storage radiators, which are not able to be switched off and you can only open the windows to let the excess heat out or close the curtains to keep the sun out! 

19. Are Ecowarmth radiators suitable for bathrooms?

Yes, providing the radiator is at least 60 cm from a water source and is hard wired to an electricity supply by a certified electrician who can also test the installation regarding equipotential supplementary bonding, which is required under Building regulations Part P.

20. Are there other electricity tariffs I can use?

Certain Councils do approve grants for the Ecowarmth heating system. Other councils provide loans. Check with your local Council to see if they provide help. If the Council concerned requires more information about our heating system, please let us know so that we can make contact with them.

21. Do you have existing customers I can contact?

Yes, Ecowarmth have many satisfied customers, who are more than happy to have you call them. Contact us per email or Freephone to be given details of existing Ecowarmth customers near you.

22.If I take the radiators on castors, can I move them from room to room?

Whilst this is physically possible, we do not recommend it on a regular basis as the radiators have been chosen to supply a particular heating requirement for a particular room. A different room has a different requirement. Also, by taking the heating from a room, you allow that room to cool down and it will require extra energy (extra costs!) to heat back up to the basic level it had before. Check out Infrared Heating on the website for information about a very innovative range of Infrared foil panel heaters for such situations.

23. What happens if I sell my house and move elsewhere?

Whilst Ecowarmth radiators are easy to take off the wall and you can take them with you, remember that they have been chosen for that particular property. It is much smarter to use your Ecowarmth heating as an added bonus when selling your property and increase the sales price. 

24. Are Ecowarmth radiators safe for children and the elderly?

Yes, once the Ecowarmth radiator has created sufficient basic heat in the room, it will only produce top up heat to keep the room warm. This means that surface temperatures of our radiators are lower than most other types of radiator heating on the market. 

25. Are Ecowarmth radiators sold in retail outlets or DIY stores?

No, we deliver directly from the factory to you. It is also imperative, that your heating requirement be correctly calculated and that you are given the correct information as to how the system works. This can be done by carrying out a free survey of your property either by us (in the SW of England) or by you completing the customer own survey form and taking into account your particular situation.

26. What happens if a customer recommends other customers?

This happens all the time as Ecowarmth customers are so satisfied. We put a high priority on receiving recommendations from existing customers and have an attractive “Recommendation Bonus Scheme” to say thank you. Contact us for more details.

27. I have a property in France/Spain - can you supply me there?

There are different ways of helping you with this. Once we receive your Self Survey Form for your property abroad, we can quote a price with delivery to your home in the UK, so that you can take the Radiators with you when you next travel to your property abroad. Alternatively, if you (and maybe friends and neighbours) are ordering sufficient for at least a pallet load (10 - 12 radiators), then we can quote for delivery directly to your property. You will then either have to install the radiators yourself or find a local electrician to do the work for you.

28. What colours do you supply?

Whilst the majority of our clients wish to have our standard and neutral (Ivory) colour, we can now offer other colours according to the RAL Colour code. These radiators are especially manufactured for you and therefore cost extra - between 10% - 15% more - and have a slightly longer delivery date. Check the download page on our website for details of RAL colours.

29. I have an old house with poor wiring. Can I still use Ecowarmth radiators?

For safety’s sake, the power rating and state of the wiring etc will need to be checked by a qualified and registered electrician and possibly upgraded. Contact us should your require assistance in finding a local registered electrician.

30. Do Ecowarmth supply other heating products? 

Ecowarmth supplies not only their unique range of electrical storage radiators, but can also now supply an innovative range of Infrared heating foil products. Please check out the Infrared Heating page on our website for further details.