German Electric Radiators

German Electric Radiators are now becoming more and more popular in the UK, simply because they offer a superb energy-saving and controllable form of heating. Easy to install and no maintenance. 

The Ecowarmth range of “Radiators With Brains” sets itself apart and above the many types of such electric radiators being offered in the UK today:

  • Unique Intelligent Thermostat with Power Management System to ensure easy effective control to suit YOUR particular heating needs. The Ecowarmth Intelligent Thermostat is especially designed to cope with the fluctuations in the UK electricity supply.
  • Independently tested in an actual house in the UK by a UKAS accredited laboratory. The tests confirm that the Ecowarmth range of electric radiators only require on average 14 minutes of electricity per hour to provide a full hour of heat (when measured over a 24 hour period). We know of no other company in the UK selling this type of heating, which has lower usage figures. Every minute more electricity required is approx 7% more running costs!
  • Fair prices and REAL Customer Service (see About Us)

German electric radiators have been available since 1973 and so provide a well proven track record for use in all types of buildings.

The many happy Ecowarmth customers testify just how good our German electric heating system is and just how good Ecowarmth is as a company.

You should compare the rest and then choose the best: Ecowarmth!


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