The Ecowarmth energy efficient electric radiators from Germany work in a different manner to a normal central heating system.

The main differences

The main differences In a normal wet central heating system, a boiler is required to heat water, which is then pumped around the system so as to heat the radiators. With Ecowarmth low energy German heaters, electric radiators, the radiator ribs are heated by a system of internal specialist energy cells, each with its own embedded heating elements (see pic. open radiator Fig. 1).  

The internal energy cells first store as much heat as possible when the radiator is switched on. This takes about 10 - 20 minutes (depending on size of radiator), after which the surplus heat starts to be radiated out and the radiator starts to feel warm then hot. 

Using the natural chimney effect to take away cold from the floor

The Ecowarmth energy efficient electric radiator ribs ensure that a very large surface area is available to be evenly heated and this surplus heat is then radiated out into the room in an intensive, comfortable manner over a wide angle. This radiant heating makes up 90% of the heat output and is therefore extremely effective in heating the room and the objects in it.  The ribs are also hollow and full of air and so act like mini chimneys. This chimney effect caused by this ribbed design, produces also convected heat which removes cold air from the floor and ensures an optimal mixture of convected and radiant heat (see chimney effect Fig. 2).

(Please check out: for more information on radiant heating and for more information on thermal mass in buildings).

This heat is then controlled by the "Ecowarmth Intelligent Thermostat" - with its smart "Power Management System" (exclusive to Ecowarmth). The Intelligent Thermostat contains a very rugged but sensitive control system and is linked to an equally sensitive temperature feeler at floor level. The initial warm-up phase of each room after initial installation takes 1-2 hours depending on the size of the room and the temperature outside. Once the required room temperature is reached, the thermostat switches automatically to "top-up mode" providing "top-up heat" for the energy cells and extra heat for the room only as required. You can leave the radiator switched on all the time and just use the control knob or WIFI controller to select the required temperature.

In "top-up mode", the radiator will use on average only 14 minutes per hour of electricity to provide a full 60 minutes of warmth*

When less heat is required at night or during absences from the room then turn the thermostat to say 15ºC - 16ºC and this heat is held using even less electricity until the thermostat is turned up again.

The Thermostat and the temperature feeler together, enable the Ecowarmth energy efficient electric radiator to produce the most effective, comfortable and economic method of heating the room

*Figures based on independent tests carried out by Advantica a UKAS accredited company. Download the Test Report Summary below for more details.

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