Features and Benefits


  • Simple Control System
  • Simple and Speedy Installation
  • No special wiring required
  • No pipe-work or building work
  • No fuel tank required
  • Silent and clean power supply
  • Many different sizes
  • Power range from 500w to 3000w


  • Gives room to room controllability
  • No mess
  • Only 230V 13 Amp socket needed
  • No upheaval, no redecorating
  • Save valuable gardening space
  • No gas, no smells, no noise
  • Tailored to your heating needs

Electric Radiant Heating

Direct heat evenly spread just where you need it and healthy heat, just like the sun's rays. 


Convected Heating

Uneven heat, hot ceilings cold floors and dry heat, bad for eyes and allergy sufferers