Low energy heating solution

Ecowarmth is pleased to introduce the latest development in low energy heating solutions with the launch of their low wattage Infrared radiant heating panels. Online Shop opening very soon. 


The Ecowarmth Infrared panels work on the same principle as the radiant heat from the sun and produce Radiant heat  on the same wavelength as its most beneficial rays (about 8µm - 10µm = Micrometer = 1000th of a millimetre).


This is the most effective and healthiest wavelength for warming all of earth’s creatures as this wavelength is also the wavelength at which humans and animal generate their own Infrared heat. The Infrared heat generated reaches right down to the cellular level and so increasing health and vitality. The cosy warmth produced by the Ecowarmth Infrared Panels is very effective in providing fast targeted heat, which not only warms you quickly but which also has many health benefits.


Infrared lamps and Infrared Sauna cabins are already well known in Healing Centres and Spas especially for healing back and joint pains as well as for improving circulation and removing toxins from the body.

From the home heating point of view, Infrared radiant heat directly warms up the person and the surrounding objects in the room as well as the walls and floors and NOT the air in between. Most people are aware of the usual Infrared heaters, using heating bars as elements and often used in bathrooms and other public places for swift direct heat. 


The BIG advantage of the Ecowarmth Infrared heating system is, that because of the larger surface area radiating out the heat AND the latest technology being used for the heating elements, we need LESS Kilowatts. A typical Infrared heater with a bar heating element uses 1.50Kw - 2Kw and covers a relatively small area very intensely. The Ecowarmth Infrared panel system uses power ratings of 100 W - 900 W - a HUGE difference - meaning BIG savings on energy and money compared to the current type of Infrared Heating sing old fashioned heating bar elements. 


The Ecowarmth Infrared panels radiate out healthy heat over a wide area out at the level where people need it. It would require just 1 heating panel of approx. 700W - 1000W to heat a whole Living Room 12ft x 18ft x 7ft 6ins high with warm and cosy heat!* 


As it is targeted heat, the Ecowarmth Infrared panels are also ideal as a supplementary heat source to give you some extra heat for a while when you do not want to switch the whole central heating system on, or you can have different temperatures in different zones of the house or larger rooms.  


So whatever you need Infrared Heating for, contact Ecowarmth for more details, and if you register your contact details we can let you know when the online shop is up and running. 


* Dependent on type of construction and level of insulation of the room.


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